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1970 MCI MC-7 Gray Line Coach Chateauguay

HubbronicsModels HO Brewster Bus Animated

HubbronicsModels HO MCI J 4500 bus

animated with magnetic want

Hubtronics Models  Simpson Delivery Truck Illuminated

Hubtronics Models  MCI J4500 Intercar

Hubtronics Models  HO STM Electric Bus

Hubtronics Models  HO Animated School Bus

Hubtronics Models MCI Greyhound Model animated with lights

Hubtronics Models Walthers Scenemaster Firetruck

Animated with rotating beacons and lights

MCI bus by Iconic Models . Animated by Hubtronics Models

Icon Greyhound bus which has been animated with lights.  

Triggered by a wand you can flip between flashing lights to turn signals (left and right)

Iconic Replica Greyhound Prevost Bus



-Working with many scales of model railroad to:

- Animate Vehicles

- Enhance Buildings and Railway Cars

- Upgrade Trains to DCC

- Triggered animation

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